Announcing Another Partner!

Souls Harbour Rescue Mission is pleased to announce another partner for The Samaritan Project! Loraas has been a great waste management company for our Mission for many years now. We have appreciated their commitment to our waste needs; helping us become better environmental stewards through their recycling programs as an example. In the past they have helped us out with some of the different events that we had done and now they have made the corporate decision to support us with this project.

To us this partnership makes great sense. This new building is all about environmental stewardship. It is being built on a brownfield and to a passive standard utilising environmental and green building practices in every aspect of the construction. Loraas will now provide recycling services and waste management services for our projected construction timeline and continue to work with us long after it has been built and is open to the public.

Souls Harbour Rescue Mission would like to thank Loraas for their partnership, their corporate focus on community development, and for their leadership in waste management and environmental stewardship!