Our Building Is Secure With Our Newest Partner!

We are happy to announce our latest partner for The Samaritan Project; LS Security! We have worked with LS Security for many years now as they have helped us keep each of our buildings safe and secure for our guests, our residents, our staff, and our volunteers. Through electronic monitoring so we can all sleep well, to state of the art cameras inside and outside our buildings, to the secure locks and hardware for each of our doors – it all works together to make sure our buildings and our people are safe all the time! 

With LS Security on the job we are confident that our newest building will be well-protected – inside and out. With an estimated 41 security cameras monitoring every area of the building it was important to make sure that we had the best on the job to handle the complex security needs of this project! Thanks LS Security for giving us peace of mind so we can focus on caring for our people while you care for us!