“Even The Birds Do Not Worry”

Matthew 6:25-34


Westridge Construction has been a blessing to us throughout this entire project. Their leadership and stewardship has saved us time and money at every step of the way. It is obvious they are very proud of this building and truly it will reflect well on them, having built the first passive building in Regina and given the uniqueness of this building – the first of its kind in Canada. This is no small feat, however it is in their approach that I find incredible blessing.

As they are working on the building envelope they have purposefully left a gap in the wall structure. You see, it is not uncommon during construction projects that wildlife will take refuge in this new structure and that has happened with a bird and its family. While constructing the building envelope a small bird built a nest and laid some eggs in our insulated building cavity. Westridge noticed that this was happening and instead of destroying the nest and eggs they have worked their construction schedule around this bird’s nest.

You see, even the birds do not worry. God’s care of the birds was manifested through Westridge’s actions. Westridge has waited until the eggs hatched and they are monitoring them everyday. In the next little while the little hatchlings will be ready to fly and they will leave the nest. Westridge will then go in, clean out the nest and rebuild that wall structure. Amazing stuff. Another example of God’s care for each of us – inviting us to not worry but to trust in Him.