And The Name Of Our New Daycare Is…

When looking at options for our new daycare we wanted to embrace the environmental theme that is embraced with our new building. A legacy for our children and an example for them to look up to! We are pleased to formally announce the name of our daycare located at 1632 Angus St as The Green Earth Daycare! We will be opening our doors officially at the beginning of January so if you are looking to preregister your child please contact Heewon Shin at to start that process.

This daycare takes up the entire third floor of our new building and features a walk-out almost 5,000 square foot outdoor play area for the children. This modern, bright daycare will feature environmental themes while embracing our long history of multi-culturalism that we have developed in our other daycare.

And now may we present you with our daycare’s new logo:

GreenEarthDaycare Logo