Now Here Is a ‘Concrete’ Partnership!

I know – it might be too early in the week for puns but I was just too excited to announce our newest partner for The Samaritan Project. Cindercrete has long been a supporter of the Mission and so it made sense when it came to our new building to approach Cindercrete to ask them if they might be interested in helping us out. Cindercrete is a huge community supporter in so many ways and they saw a way of giving back to the community by partnering with us on this project!

We are so grateful to have Cindercrete’s expertise and support working with us on The Samaritan Project. They have years of experience in the concrete and masonry business and considering this is what we are constructing our building out of who better to call on then Cindercrete? When the building is constructed you won’t necessarily see where they helped but you can rest assured that their contribution will continue to ‘support’ us for years to come! There I go again with the puns :) Thanks Cindercrete!