Our Foundation is Complete!

As I post this 3rd progress video I thought I would take a moment to pause and reflect on a couple Bible passages. The first is taken from Luke 14:28 where it is talking about building a tower and how foolish it would be to not count the cost before building – the idea being that the foolish one would not be able to complete the tower. It is a big achievement for us to have completed the foundation but how foolish it would be of us if we had not counted the cost and made sure that we have the money in place in order to complete this project. We have done so – we have financed this project with the hopes that your faithful support of our Mission will allow us to pay off the financing as soon as possible. But, we have counted the cost and have made sure that the financing is there so the people we serve will not be put out to the street looking at only a finished foundation instead of 17 new homes, 24 beds on a cold night, or where two hundred warm meals would be provided each day.

The second passage is taken from Matthew 7:24-27 where it talks about building your house upon the rock. I like firm foundations. I like that my foundation is Jesus Christ – He is my Rock – and I also like that we have spent the last three years planning and designing a solid foundation for this new building. In fact, even in a literal way this foundation is solid as you will see in this progress video. The clear markers of the Passive Design come through in this video where you will see layer after layer after layer of insulation wrapped up on the foundation wall, helping this innovative building come to life in exceptional operational and maintenance savings. A solid foundation indeed!

Enjoy the video below and if you have a chance drive past the work site, located at 1632 Angus St because now that the solid foundation is in place all of the steel girder work is well underway as they build this four story tower!