A Partner to Brighten Your Day!

Well it has been exciting around here as we work toward a goal of 50% completion on the drawings by month’s end! Coupled with this work has been more conversations with companies that would love to be a part of this amazing project and Cloverdale Paint is one of those companies. Cloverdale Paint will be our exclusive paint supplier for The Samaritan Project and we couldn’t be happier! Cloverdale Paint has taken great care of us and our buildings for several years, making sure that we have great quality paint to help us maintain our buildings and keep them looking bright and cheerful all the time!

We are so excited to have Cloverdale Paint come on board as our latest partner on this project as we know they will take great care of us when it comes to make The Samaritan Project look good for opening July of 2018! Thanks Cloverdale Paint!