Progress Movie Eleven

It is fascinating walking through the building these days. The plan is to complete the building from the top floor down. So, as I walk around the fourth floor they are painting and beginning trim. The third floor they are now tapping and mudding. The second floor they are drywalling and on the main floor the mechanical / electrical systems are being completed. Now the rest of the building envelope is being completed and the daycare roof is scheduled to be done this week!

So much happening at the same time and we are still on track and on budget! Just recently we had a chance to tour some staff and supporters through the building and I was encouraged listening to their feedback. They were impressed with what they saw and excited to get the chance to work out of this new building. As much as we have designed a building for the people we help we have also put just as much care in designing a building for our staff and our volunteers to enjoy as well so it was great to hear that they were in awe with what they saw!

Enjoy our latest progress video!

Progress Video 11