Progress Movie Twelve!

Wow! It is hard to believe but the finish line is in sight! The building is being constructed from the top floor down so when our contractors tell us that they are about to start painting the second floor I get excited. :) At this point I think there will only be one more progress video before the very end of construction as we are told that the building will be completed by Halloween.

At that point our own people will arrive on site to start all of the occupancy stuff, such as setting up appliances, installing signage, etc. That is expected to take a month and then we go into December and some trial tests to put the new building through its paces. In our world that is right around the corner and I cannot wait to reveal our new building to each of you who have faithfully followed us on this amazing journey. I am looking forward to showcasing the stewardship of each of your donations as we reveal this state of the art building designed to not have to spend money on maintaining and operating it. Instead we can focus even more resources on the people that really need it – the hundreds of people that we serve each and every day.

Enjoy this progress video!

Progress Video 12