Progress Video 2!

Wow has it been cold over this last month! Nevertheless the team over at Westridge has continued on in an effort to keep the construction on schedule – and they have! With this latest progress video you will see the construction of our elevator shaft – done to passive standards (check out how thick that insulation is!), and the construction of the basement walls. The tarps you will see at the end of the video are used to cover all of the concrete work. They then pipe in heat for seven days in order to help the concrete harden and ‘set’.

The massive hole in the ground has now transformed and is looking more and more like a building taking shape! More progress videos will follow as steel is scheduled to arrive this next week and then a crane to help put everything in its place as a four story structure begins to grow out of that hole in the ground!

Please keep the project in your prayers. Pray for the continued safety of all the contractors working on the site. We have no accidents and no safety concerns and we are thankful for that! Pray that we will be able to meet our financial goals this year with our capital fundraising! And pray for all of our guests who are struggling to survive through this winter – especially with the extreme cold!

Progress Video 2