Progress Video Update!

A few weeks have gone by now and construction is well underway. We had our official sod-turning ceremony on October 13th, which was well attended by federal, provincial, and municipal officials all speaking well about both the need and the innovation of this project. Even snow has now arrived it will not slow down our construction timeline and we are confident we will have our doors open to the public by this time next year!

We have dug out the basement and elevator shaft and have put in place all of the piles. Attention is now turned to foundation walls, beginning with the elevator shaft, before spending time putting in place a passive foundation slab. Special preparation needs to be done in compacting the soil and preparing it for a thick layer of rigid insulation prior to pouring concrete for the basement floor. This is imperative to the overall energy design of the building as many people do not realise just how much heat is lost through the basement floor. By making sure the basement floor is well insulated we will have decreased the energy heat demand on this building by almost 10%!

Here is some neat bits of trivia: Some of our piles are 40-50 feet deep and 3 feet wide! They required two concrete truck loads in order to fill one of those holes! The basement foundation walls are going to be 14 feet high at the highest point even though the inside room dimensions will still be around the 9 foot level. When excavating the basement the contractors found another sidewalk and concrete floor slab some three feet below the surface. It would seem that over the decades this portion of Angus Street has been built up at least three feet!

To date we have raised around 40% of the total project cost of 7 million dollars. We are at 50% of our online goal of $250,000. When considering your year-end contributions would you mind keeping our project in mind? You would be investing in the future and because of our passive design you can be assured that your financial contribution will go much further! You also get a tax receipt so it is a win-win for everyone!

Click on the link below to view our first progress video update!

Progress Video 1