Our Legacy Volunteer Tile Wall!

In our volunteer room on the second floor with windows that overlook the dining room below we have recruited Jason Robins to construct for us a mosiac wood tile piece. The installation will be 10 feet long and 8 feet high and captures the essence of what our organisation does – people, shelter, and food. Each tile will be 10 inches by 10 inches and sells for $343 – the equivalent of 100 meals served through our meal program! To date we have sold 45% of the wall! Each of the donors will be listed on a separate plaque posted beside the large mural as part of their legacy to the Samaritan Project.

To provide you with a visual I have included the following pictures to illustrate:

Mosiac Tile Wall Volunteer Room full colour

This picture is the full picture in full colour. The following picture the brightness is turned up so you can see the individual tiles:

Mosiac Tile Wall Volunteer Room 30% brightness

The last picture depicts the 45% sold on this wall:

Mosiac Tile Wall Volunteer Room 45% sold!

If you are interested in purchasing a legacy volunteer tile please contact our main office and designate your donation of $343 to the Legacy Volunteer Tile Wall. Your name (or as directed) will be added to the plaque listing everyone who has purchased a tile. Thank you for your continuing support of The Samaritan Project!